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Desperate waves of intimate agony,
concrete like cement mohagony.
Death creaks like dark shadows,
but life brews like flourishing meadows.
Beaming with life, doth ye speak-
of such promise doth ye bringth.
Night brings to day-
as day brins to night...
As such light brings to sight-
as night brings such fright...
My horror brings everlasting terror,
my nightmares bring forever horror.
Darkness consumes and forever consumes-
while light fights and englightences just sights.
I am blind, I am flawed.
I am obcene, I am pawed.
Clenched upon the jaw,
I am subject upon the maw.
Head up on the block,
of the world, I hold supreme stock.
Forever I shall hold true,
that my kingdom shall be anew...
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 1 0
There is something I havent told you...
A secret I've never told.
A promise I've always held...
a contract I've never sold...
My love for you is true and dear..
my emotions are deep and sincere...
My agony rests upon my heart,
and with your love such pain does depart...
The past is a phantom that haunts us all...'s a shadow that haunts us all.
Fainting pain will lead to no truth,
but growth from which, I have grewth.
I am frail, I am fragile.
Though I hail I am agile.
Holy is the name of the heart,
of which I will continue to take part.
My love rests upon the breast of the nourish bussom,
and now I rest heavenly, upon the godly rum.
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 1 0
Heart bursting-hungrily thirs
Heart bursting-
hungrily thirsting-
always awake...
in a nightmare I cannot shake...
My mind has never held,
this pain that cannot be retold...
I could never releive myself of its hold-
towards the darkness I find myself compelled...
I feel the depths of sorrow-
the truth is truely hallow...
What do I do when love is so thin?
What do I do when fate is so dim?
Do I live on a whim?
Or do I allow it to roll off the rim?
Pitch vancy erupts from within,
agony flourishes like a breathign fire-
as the consuming virus climbs higher-
higher into the center of my mind-
I walk into depths eternally shallow-
to places no-one will ever follow...
Where is my heart?
Where is the part-
that is missing from me?
Will you be the one to set me free?
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 0 0
Empty shell-Eternal hell-Dar
Empty shell-
Eternal hell-
Dark, cold cell-
Knowing death too well...
Loosing my light-
Air closing tight-
I'm losing the fight-
I'm losing my destined flight...
Rotting to the core-
My soul eternally sore-
My body carlessly washed ashore-
To the elements, my body is now a whore.
Empty within,
Hell had just bein,
When fate had struck the first pin-
and made me the ultimate carrier of ultimate sin.
Insanity breeds within my mind-
while I exist as an unforgivable kind-
Every second I live- my soul continues to grind...
against the pressures that keep me bind.
Depths below the gravity-
deeper below the depravity-
more hollow than any cavity-
lays my ultimate fate- insanity.
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 1 1
The quiet screams-while life
The quiet screams-
while life is torn at the seams..
Life crys bleeding tears-
as time is ripped apart with shears...
Pain is all I know-
blanketing my life like snow.
My heart vacant of any hopefuly glow-
and yet the red continues to flow...
The warm rain singes my skin-
like holy water on an embodied sin..
Abandoned by all- I am within kin-
everyday my life balances on a silver pin..
The noise grows-
my feelings never shows-
as I live in agony that no-one knows...
living a life like an arrow to a broken bow.
There is nowhere that I belong-
tortured by fate's white-hot prong-
even though I am free of any wrong...
castrated from any heavenly song..
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 2 2
Body numb-feeling dumb-upon
Body numb-
feeling dumb-
upon the intoxicating I've succumb-
A pattern of lies-
surrounds you like flies-
with each word, someone dies.
Cursing you with each ones' final sighs.
Dwindling hope-
tightening the rope-
as the noose beings to listen..
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 0 0
Daggers sinking into skinlink
Daggers sinking into skin
link to life diminishingly thin
sights caught on fate
while the actions are full of hate
even though they are null of any poor trait
Alone in the black
confined in an unseen sack-
one cannot find themselves on track.
Of humanity and morality, the bringer does lack.
Devoid of inside,
lost from grace,
eternally in darknes it does resides-
into the unpopulated nothing, it does embrace.
Deep within the abyss-
waiting for the cold- final kiss.
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 0 0
Living with just one breathe-
Living with just one breathe-
walking with nothing left-
listening while going deft-
Craving the taste from crimson-
leaving behind not a drop-
absorbing it all like a mop-
I've become a living prison.
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 0 0
Mature content
Enemies closing tight,muscles :iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 0 0
All this shame-this sickening
All this shame-
this sickening blame-
claimed of an ugly crime,
while other spend my dime.
Subjected to an abstract hell,
while I wither in this psychotic cell-
I lay on a bed of needles, still in wait-
for heaven or hell to open it's gate...
Screams roar in my ear-
for my breaking point, they thunderously cheer.
I bite my lip, letting it bleed-
binding my soul to my body in a temperary creed.
My hate burns in my blood-
the torture overfills like a titanic flood.
Hell's flames burn in my mind-
and there's noneone left of my kind.
Black desolution is the only salvation-
from this public destitution.
Vacant existance is the only peace,
from this noose with oiley greese.
Tighter, I cannot breathe-
I move, I live anouther second.
Never willingly, will I give my life into the sheathe-
...each night I find myself in a bottom of meade...
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 0 0
Infinite desolateness,impenet
Infinite desolateness,
impenetratble blackness-
upon which one despairs-
in the depths of which  non can repair.
The consumation envelopes the soul-
burning it like an objective coal-
forecer is one an object of dark-
while fangs are sunkeen deep like seal and shark.
Pain and sorrow follows throws devoid-
ridden of which the light can avoid-
Only within the bright embrace-
can they continue the "truth" chace...
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 1 0
the devils doctor, looms in th
the devils doctor, looms in the full moon-
singing as flower continue to bloom-
blossoming in high hot noon-
while my head goes boom...
I live, through your heartache-
I live, through your mistake.
I find myself in your sake-
through your unexpected wake.
Heaven's gate wates for those worthy of truth,
waiting for those who can meet what it takes.
Do you have what it take to be worth?
Or will you be alone with the shakes....?
Alone with the dark lonliness-
Complete with the absent-mindedess...
You find yourself alone with your own thoughts,
tied in an infinity of knots...
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 0 0
Dont be a sucker,dont be a co
Dont be a sucker,
dont be a cock-pucker...
While the war-mongerors-
wage battle upon your horrors...
Heavily is the blood that is shed,
sinking deep like lead-
who needs it anyway?
it only weighs yourself down-
and yet you keep seeing yourself drown-
let yourself of your humanity- let it all be bled.
Lead your army-
Lead your army-
into a new enconarmy-
forging a new blarmy(stone)...
throw me a bone-
throw me a bone-
im a cold a heart stone-
im a cold a heart stone-
Blood pumping,
I dont feel like jumping-
For I feel like dumping,
all that shit that keeps trumping....
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 1 0
In the depths of my heart-dee
In the depths of my heart-
deep in depths no living thing can chart-
lies a monster in wake-
furiously amongst chains it needlessly shake(s)...
In the darkest depths of oblivion-
within the coldest depths od despair-
lies a hell upon which no victom can be repair(ed)...
Down to the bottom-most levels of absolution-
lays a fate beyond restitution.
Upon which, none can be resolved,
-due to sins of such they cannot be dissolved.
Within this darkness, none can be touched-
within this goliath entity, all is crushed.
Consumed by this oblivion, none can be saved-
Consumed by this darkness, all has craved.
Easy as a trigger,
simple as a switch,
tight as a stitch,
uncaring of any hitch...
The shot is launched into the black-
the naught has been cast into the knot-
never will the true demon within be caught-
for all are succumbed to the inner demons one always has faught.
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 0 0
Furious, fury-envious, envy-
Furious, fury-
envious, envy-
glorious, glory-
nothing is no more gory...
Sins towards god,
of which one should sod-
though one is always consumed of which-
like a doll manifasted by a witch.
Tremblihng with anticipation-
lusting for acceleration-
needing further recessetitation-
-fueling the blood-rush of this crusade.
Mind flowing like time through myasm-
dreams reflecting like a traveler through a chasm-
echoing horrors long-forgotten,
upon which hell has long-saughten.
Battle finds those who seek peace-
while the warriors live life by lease.
Appreciate the sacrifice given by other's price,
and you will find yourself with their slice.
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 0 0
Tender taste upon your neck-a
Tender taste upon your neck-
as I feast upon your flesh...
Upon each drop of blood I do lick-
each sensation I effortlessly relish...
Lost in the opium of your sensation,
following the butterfly of never-ending continuation-
I find myself in a myasmic dream-
beyond lengths of sane mind could deem...
Kingdoms fall and fortresses collapse-
but forever beside you...
to me...
time promsingly, continously does lapse.
Stars shine and flicker amongst the deepest dark,
within the sheets, you are my predatory shark.
Suns shine and scorch darkness to ash,
but forever I will wear your heart-
like an symbiotic sash...
Untouchable, unfazable by any means other than you-
a power nothing in the universe will ever ensue...
Unfeasable, uncontainable by any means possible-
we envelope everything like a omnipotent sinew.
:iconlucifargundam:Lucifargundam 1 0


I was tagged by sbethard11 -_-

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2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the persons you tag will have to answer 
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1. Which show would you choose to continue? Invader Zim or Futurrama?
Invader Zim
2. Left 4 dead or Team Fortress?
Left 4 Dead... gotta pop dem pills...
3.Your parents force you to watch tv with them. They make you choose if you want to watch Golf, or Jersey Shore. What do you choose?
4. Ocean or pool?
Pool. I pissed off Poseidon and don't want to deal with him atm....
5. Whats your favorite store to shop at?
blue dabba de dabba die?
to candy mountain?
tonight, we dine?
9. (lol 69)
opposite of 96
10. Your no thinking that i have bad question making skillz. Have a terrible day ^_^
Impossible. I was with my girl. She was awesome. We had an awesome time. Today was awesome.
1.    Are you tech-savvy?
2.    Do you like anime?
3.    Why are you on Deviant-Art?
4.    Who is your favorite DA-ist?
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6.    How far do you want to go with your art(if at all)?
7.    How many years (including off-on) have you been doing art?
8.    How many people are you watching?
9.    Under which circumstances do you consider something to be favorite-able?
10.  What do you do to get in the art-sy motions/mood?
I retag(in no order in accordance to icons)::
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I prefer doing a "traditional" method(paper/pencil).

I have most of my work on paper- but will be practicing on my tablet as time goes on.

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Eating: I like food.
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